DSLR Clapperboard - Shoot video with no worries

An easy to use clapperboard, rich of useful functionalities,
ready to use and thought with DSLR video in mind.


Auto take advance

Each time you shoot a scene, the system increases the take by one. You can lock this behavior.


Evaluate the take

After each shot you can give a rank to the take. Your evaluation will be reported in the summary e-mail.


Add a note

Add a note to help editors and post-production specialists to fulfill their job.



In addition to keeping track of the time since the start of the shooting, you can activate a full-screen stopwatch.


Log history

Once the shooting is over, you can find a log of the takes in a convenient table format, with colors showing the ranking of each shot.


Send data

Through a simple e-mail you can send the log to whoever you want: the director, the production manager, the editor.

A fully customizable clapperboard

You can edit all items, change color
and set a default e-mail address.


01. Parameters

Edit shots, sets, audio sources, FPS but also definitions to describe the result of each shot.


02. E-mail recipient

Type in a default recipient to send the end-of-work e-mail with just one tap. This does not prevent you from sending e-mails to other recipients.


03. Color palette

Work as you like: do you want a light-colored clapperboard or a dark-bottomed one? You decide: just a tap to change the colors of the whole app.

DSLR Prompter - Prompter and clapperboard synched together

Drive the teleprompter with a second iPad
connected via Bluetooth or Wi-fi.


Unlimited scripts

Add any number of scripts and find them well organized in a grid.


Easy connection

With just one tap you can connect two iPads via Bluetooth or Wi-fi. Always leave the Wi-fi on.


Add bookmarks

Add your bookmarks to jump at any point of your text, with the ease of a tap.


Speed Wheel

An innovative interface to drive the prompter with your thumb: a simple gesture and you're done.


Full control

All the parameters can be accessed from distance: font size, speed of text, bookmarks and text flipping.


Prompter preview

While you drive the prompter, you have a full preview of what's going on.

The final report: your work under control

Export clapperboard's parameters and clapperboard's synchros data


Log History

Anything recorded during the shooting session is stored in the Log History, with the times data taken over by the clapperboard.

Mail Report

In the summary mail not only all the parameters of the clapper are listed, but also the synchronization data of the prompter, with the times of the text paragraphs.